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Freight Fowarding

Customs Brokerage

We arrange the import and export clearance of goods and services for clients through customs and other government agencies. We look at our clients’ businesses as extensions of ours, so ask pertinent questions, and vet clients’ documents to ensure that goods are cleared compliantly.

We are responsible for knowing all the rules and regulations that exist in the industry and ensure that they are followed to streamline the process of clearance. We take the place of our clients in facing the stress of dealing with government officials so that our clients can focus more on managing their businesses.

We carefully expedite action in all our activities in order to avoid unnecessary rent charges that accrue because of delays thus shrinking the profit margins of our clients. In order to do this we make it our objective to handle and deliver shipments to our clients within the shortest possible time.

Sea & Air Consolidation

We provide consolidation services to and from anywhere in the world. This we do very well with our partners around the world with efficiency and peace of mind. We also provide the needed safety and insurance (on request) for shipments we handle.

We oversee the transportation of cargoes to the points of delivery.

We ensure that we follow the requirements of our customers as per the shipping instructions signed.

Container Freight Station Services

Our facility is secure and safe through our modern IT infrastructure made up of a 24-hour CCTV system, racking/shelving systems, equipment handling such as forklifts, pallets jacks, weighing scales, smoke detectors, hydrants among others are well maintained and certified.

The highly trained staff handles all shipments with care, this includes Dangerous Goods (D.G.). The In-House Customs Offices are well equipped and supported to ensure all deliveries are made within hours at the C.F.S. with safety in mind.

Haulage & Deliveries

With our very diverse fleet of vehicles, we have the optimum capacity to haul any type and size of cargo.

Our vehicles are equipped with real time tracking devices, which are consistently monitored day and night. The drivers are well trained and certified by the National Road Safety to handle all types of cargoes safely including D.G. amongst others.

We offer Goods-In-Transit insurance of all shipments we handle and deliver.

All our operational vehicles are equipped with tracking devices which allow real-time position tracking as well as speed monitoring as a further safety measure.

Our staff are IATA and IMO certified.

Warehousing & Distribution

In response to the growing demand for warehousing services in the industry, Conship has taken steps to meet this demand by investing in the business of warehousing.

The company has acquired a five (5) acre land in the Freezone enclave in Tema for the construction of a modern warehouse and office facility.

This facility when completed will provide both clients and third party modern warehousing and distribution services, thus complete Supply Chain solutions for our clients.

Transit & Trans-Shipment

We provide transit services to clients in landlocked countries where we move cargo cleared at any of our seaports across international borders for delivery to international destinations.

With transshipment, we arrange the transfer of cargo from one vessel to another. We provide this service in situations where there is no direct air, land or sea link between the ports of departure and ports of discharge.

All these operations we undertake being mindful of the fact that the safety of the cargo is paramount. As a result, best industry practices associated with safe handling of cargo is implemented.

Handling of Dangerous Goods

Our highly trained staff with certification in handling of dangerous goods are always available to serve the needs of our clients.

We have expertise in handling goods by air, sea and road safely.

Over the years Conship has chalked real safety records in our operations to the satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders.

Supply Chain Management

Conship provides services in supply chain management where we seek to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We provide all the logistics services required in the entire logistics chain where we coordinate all activities involved from the points of production through to warehousing and eventual delivery to clients under agreed time-lines.

We have modern Information Technology infrastructure with which we keep track of cargo in every stage of the chain to ensure our clients are consistently satisfied.

Crating & Packaging

Whatever there is to be shipped by our clients, we can handle it.

We have a crating and packaging department which ensures that all shipments are properly crated packaged and labeled with utmost consideration for weight and size limitations.

We provide tailor-made packaging solutions at the request of our clients. Our clients can be confident that we will be able to provide to meet their satisfaction.